Get to the bottom:

          There are many instances in history where we can find the people going against the will of god and becoming sinners. But every time this happened, god again sent his word again and again to bring these people back to the right path and Jesus is also one such personality and he did everything to achieve this. But as people are what they are they again went against His will. This is the nature of things that we are seeing in the shincheonji people. They have their own ideology and convey to the unsuspecting people as though this is what God wants from the human. This has been understood by the members of Exshincheonji.comand they have come forward to tell the truth about this falsehood.

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What do they say?

  1. In order to understand what the members of the group have to say, you have to be able to know what they have to say about their prior association with the cult. The association or the church of the Jesus at shinchenji was involved in distorting the message of the bible and they have been spreading what was not found in the bible at all. This has angered many of those who had left the cult ad now they are in peace with their creator.
  2. The church is based in Korea and as per the individuals who left the cult, the church and this who are associated with the church no right o be involved in such actions that are contrary to the teachings of the church. 3. They have been giving a totally wrong message to the people and com and the associates have also given their testimony to this