How much does professional photography price for your wedding? Discover how to set a photography budget with this guide to wedding photography prices and prices.

The Going Rate for Professional Photography

When deciding your wedding photography budget, bear in mind that you get what you pay for. You should expect to invest at least $1000 on using a professional wedding photographer record your wedding (not including the actual prints and other extras). Rates, of course, will vary based on skill level, expertise and geographical region (metro regions are usually substantially higher). The size of your wedding may have an impact on the photography expense, as guests may increase the amount of time that the photographer must spend at your event. For an event of less than 100 guests, As an example, a wedding photographer will dedicate hours of time. For a wedding of more or 300 guests, a photographer might need to devote hours.

Professional Photography

Assessing Photographer Rates

Most wedding photographer Singapore will provide pricing advice or on their sites, so it is possible to use telephone call or an online search as your initial step towards finding a photographer that suits your budget. In comparing photography costs, bear in mind that different photographers offer packages – so rates could be misleading. Some rates include the photographer’s time, while records and prints are additional. Photography packages might include proofs, a number of a record and prints. Determine what options and services you need then compare photographers’ prices for supplying those choices to ascertain which professional works inside your wedding photography budget.