When looking for Halloween costume or home costume that will excite your children and family, you probably consider something that is going bring a smile on your family’ face as well as consider your comfort. You want something that is beautiful, creative and fun to have. My neighbor Totorois a great animation from which the totoro onesie came to be. This is a fun way of bringing the characters of this animation to life.

Reasons why you should buy a totoro onesie

This is not just something to remind you of the keeper of the forest. It is made of fluffy soft fabric that simply feels great when you wear it. You can get lost in your beautiful thought rubbing your fingers on this plush fabric. If you live in a cold place or if you are naturally cold, this fabric will be keep you warm and you will be able to relax since you will be warm.

This totoro onesie is a multi-purpose wear which you can use for your Halloween parties or wear as pajamas when you are relaxing at home. It is a beautiful outfit that comes in many colors. You will find one in a color that you love. Having an outfit you can wear for different purposes, in a color that you love and one that can keep you warm is a definite keeper.

The forest keep in the animation had to keep the forest safe and to do this he had to be well armed. This onesie has large pockets which are representative of the space where Totoro used to keep food as he did his rounds. These pockets are ideal for stocking snacks or any other gadgets you need if you are using this outfit for Halloween. You can comfortable stock your treats as well as keys and other items you cannot leave the house with.

The totoro onesie is a great acquisition that is fairly priced considering its multiple wear purposes. Every member of you family will definitely love to have one. It would definitely be fun if you could get one for every member of your family.