Different types of dental implants

The classic dental implant is named because it is the type of implant that is placed in more than 9 cases out of 10. This implant is 10 to 20 mm long and 1 to 3 cm wide. It is often conical in shape with a wider base and a rounded tip. The implant has a threadlike any screw, which gives it stability in the jawbone. This thread can be more or less pronounced depending on the make and model.

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Short implant

Short dental implant

A short implant is an implant whose length is less than 10 mm. These implants are used in cases where the patient does not have sufficient bone volume to place a conventional implant or to avoid bone grafting or sinus filling. On average, for the upper jaw, one in two patients requires a bone graft with a conventional implant and in most cases, a short implant avoids the need for bone grafting. Short implants are sometimes wider or have a more pronounced thread. Over time, experience has shown that this type of implant is just as strong and stable as a conventional implant.

Basal implantbasal implant

The basal implant  wisdom tooth surgery Singapore  is another type of implant whose purpose is to eliminate the need for bone grafting. It is not shorter, but much longer than a conventional implant, allowing it to fit deep into the bone. This type of implant is sometimes 5 centimeters long. The basal implant presents some additional risks because of its length: the surgery is much more invasive and it can not be removed easily in case of complications. For both of these reasons, this type of implant is only used as a last resort. There are very few surgeons using this technique.