Engine 101: Spark Plugs and Its Functions

The spark plug is a simple and small device that is used to start any vehicles’ start engine. Though it has multiple responsibilities its functions is the most critical one. Generally speaking, a spark plug creates an artificial ignition bolt of lightning inside the combustion chamber or cylinder head of the engine.

The electrical voltage which a spark plug has been transmitted is extremely high in numbers to support the ignition spark or commonly known as “light start”. It also controls the chaos and mess functionalities of the combustion chamber. Moreover, the electrical voltage in the spark plug can range from 20,000 to more than 100,000 volts alone.

Thermal Spark Plugs

Technically, spark plugs will create the spark on the combustion, however, the spark plug doesn’t sustain the longevity of the ignition. The only main job of the spark plug is to transmit the heat of the combustion chamber directly into the water component of the cylinder head.

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Spark plugs can evaporate the heat from the combustion chamber which is commonly defined as the heat range. This temperature can be maintained at the desired level to prevent fouling. Some spark plugs manufacturing company such as bosch spark plugs uk can refer to this temperature as thermal performance.

Cold Spark Plugs and Hot Spark Plugs

Cold spark plugs usually have a short heat flow process. But the result may vary depending on the quick rate heat level transfer. Moreover, insulator nose can be found on cold spark plugs which has a small surface area that would not be able to transmit a large amount of heat absorption.

On the other hand, hot spark plugs usually have a longer insulator nose compared to cold spark plugs. Longer insulator nose has longer heat rate transfer which can result in a slower level rate of heat transfer to the combustion chamber or the water component.

However, these kinds of spark plugs must be carefully selected to create optimal heat performance. When the heat range is not correctly placed, expect that a possible engine issue may occur.