Refractory, the new money maker

                So you’ve taken up your education in the engineering field, more to say the refractory engineering field. This is a great job and if it is your passion it is something that you should keep your eye out on. After completing your education you would want to find a refractory engineering company, which may seem tough at first, but after you find one you’ll have no issues. Before you look for jobs there are more things to consider and why that place would be best for you.

What is a refractory engineer?

            For the ones who are not familiar with the term it is a whole industry that is specialized in making heat resistant materials. A refractory engineer is the person who deals with all of this. They have to have the technical skills of glass melting skills, thermodynamics, and energy systems and so on. If you want to do this then you will have to tons of experience in oil, gas, petrochemical, and refinery. You can also have a bachelor’s degree, but if you have enough experience they require with minimum design and applications skills then you are a shoe in for the job.

Where can you get a job?

            Now there are tons on refractory engineering companies all across the world. You can send those resumes and all you’ll have to do is wait. You can search for companies online, and ones which are closets to you. One of the company’s you might be interest in is the WHAL Refractory Solutions. They are one of the top notch companies with over 100 years of experience. They are versatile in the steel, aluminium, and concrete industry. They manufacture to high standards and produces and delivers innovative solutions. So overall this would be the prefect place for someone who is looking for more versatility.

How much does a refractory engineer get paid?

            As most of you know engineers get paid big bucks and it is a good career to earn money. Now this may be true, because an average refractory engineer makes around $72000 to over $10100. So it is a pretty big number, but all of this is determined in with their experience, and their position. Senior engineers get paid way more than engineers who are just starting. And it is also depends on the company they are working for. But overall this job will give you much more earnings.