Things to Know Before Purchasing Vinyl Flooring

Experiencing highs sales record, vinyl flooring is increasingly growing popular with the homeowners. It is likely because of unique benefits that the vinyl flooring offers. It is simple to maintain and install, long lasting, as well as provides the comfortable surface area to walk over. However, is vinyl flooring the best option for you? Before selecting vinyl, there’re a few important things that you have to consider. Check it out at

Different Kinds of the Vinyl Flooring

The vinyl flooring generally comes in two types—the sheet flooring and the tile flooring. The sheet flooring that is properly laid down in the sheets, which are 6 to 12 feet wide—is simple to install and water resistant. Vinyl flooring comes in the tile sizes of around 9 to 12 square inches; this replicates look of the ceramic tile however is economical.

Vinyl Finishes


There’re 3 kinds of vinyl flooring finishes, all offers the beautiful end result.

  • No wax finish: It is a lightest form and is good for the areas with very light foot traffic or minimal exposure to moisture and dirt
  • Urethane finish: Highly durable, the finish is much heavier and will stand up to the moderate foot traffic as well as is highly resistant to scuffing & simple to clean
  • Improved urethane finish: It is a toughest available and will accommodate heaviest foot traffic, and is resistant to stains and scratches, and enjoys long lasting luster without any constant care

Cost to Consider

Per square foot, the vinyl flooring is the highly economic options for flooring that you may select. On an average, you may expect to spend around $2 to $12 every square foot for having this installed. When you compare cost to stone, wood, and ceramic flooring, the vinyl offers an important cost savings. Suppose you are handy, you may cut down costs further just by installing the vinyl flooring yourself. That depends on complexity of a project, you may expect to spend around $1 to $2 less every square foot when you do the installation, but install the new flooring.