VPN shopping guide: nine services to consider navigating more safely

In recent years, more and more, the use of virtual private networks or VPNs among users has been gaining strength. The use of these networks has been adopted as the concern for user privacy has grown

Why am I going to want to use a VPN constantly?

Now suppose that privacy does not particularly concern you. Do you usually connect proxy browser to WiFi networks in public places? If the answer is yes, then anyone who is snooping can access your browsing data. And if for some reason you have used banking services while you were connected to that network, if you have not passed your connection through a VPN, you have risked a lot. Through a virtual private network, you add another layer of protection to the traffic you generate and receive, masking your IP and your browsing data

What should I take into account when choosing a VPN?

There are several aspects to take into account when deciding on a VPN. In the first place, it is necessary to make clear that the physical location of the server is important. In recent years, some countries have come together to exchange information freely, apparently to improve the collective security of all of them

Pro-privacy activists are concerned that one of these countries may request information from VPN providers about their clients through a court order, so it is important that the VPN server that is hired does not have a headquarters in any of them.

VPN server

It is also necessary to take into account the number of records they keep. A VPN can keep records at different levels. Some save dates and times, IP addresses and the bandwidth used, while others may decide not to save any records at all. Now: all the VPN servers monitor in some way all the traffic that passes through them, another thing is to later get rid of that data. Keep in mind that using one of these networks does not make you completely anonymous.

Some will also keep information about payments, where you can find your name or address. In this case, and if you are looking for a solution of complete anonymity, it is worth consulting those that offer the possibility of paying in bitcoins or with gift cards, which makes payments almost impossible to track.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the price issue. What you will have to pay and how it will vary depending on the supplier, and it never hurts to try to get a good value for money. It is also interesting to look at the special offers that appear periodically since with them you can find real bargains.