If you have stumbled upon the guide, there are chances you are not familiar with the Bitcoin but looking for the ways on how you can profit from the cryptocurrency. Most of the people do not know about the bitcoin faucet – it means that the people are not maximizing the potential earnings. That is why we will learn about the best paying Bitcoin faucet choices.

What’s the Bitcoin Faucet?

When you Google “what’s Bitcoin faucet?” the general answer you will get is “the reward system”. Even though it is technically true, it is more than this. Let us elaborate with the metaphorical example.

Imagine the leaking faucet – probably you have had (seen) at certain point in life. Maybe the kitchen faucet is not working properly & keeps on dripping water?

Now, if you placed the bowl under the faucet, what will happen? Well, there is nothing spectacular that is for sure, but just imagine leaving a bowl there for some months. What will be the situation?

Suppose you think that it will overflow with water, then you are right. It is a same principle when this comes to the Bitcoin faucet, just these leak Satoshis than Bitcoin.

Like you may have heard, no one knows who made Bitcoin. Person (group of people) have done under a nickname Satoshi Nakamoto. Till now, person stay anonymous. It is where term Satoshis has come from and Satoshi is a smallest unit of Bitcoin.

Even a highest paying faucet provides some amount of revenue if you take things in perspective. The Bitcoin faucet is one program (or website) that pays the users little sum of Bitcoin (mentioned Satoshis) for various tasks. It is free money if you think about this.

Admittedly, an amount of BTC paid is small and unnoticeable. But, as the regular faucet fills the bowl with water on long time, and all Satoshis add up.