Get the most reliable calcium score from us

An impending risk of heart disease class for calcium score. This technology helps identify calcium deposition levels in the coronary arteries. It is done through x-ray and CT scanning; the higher the calcium score, the higher the risks of getting a heart diseases such as heart attack, heart blockage, or narrowing of arteries. Therefore, obtaining the correct calcium score is essential to access the problem, and calcium score screening in West Orange, NJ, provides the most reliable results.

How do we take you through the process?

The scanning takes only a few minutes, but the preparatory process takes 15-20 minutes. You get started by changing into a gown and lying on a unique screening bed. The technologist identifies three spots on your chest and may clear patches of hair to obtain precise results. The electrodes are attached to an EKG monitor; this reads the hearts’ activity.

What does the do result mean?

A claim score ranges from 0-to 400. The absence of calcium doesn’t do away with the deposition of soft non-calcified plaque. The core determines the severity of future heart attacks. A doctor recommends a calcium score in the following cases.

  • Congenital heart diseases of the heart
  • Any congenital dsabilities in the heart
  • The buildup of plaque leads to blockage of the coronary artery.
  • Injury or defects to the heart’s four primary valves
  • Blood clots within the heart’s chambers
  • Tumors in or on the heart

Our services

Our center provides the most reliable scoring. We ensure precision and comfort to patients. Our environment is committed to providing patients most customer-centric approach for the easy screening process. Our utmost concern is your peace of mind while lying on the screening bed. Therefore, our professionals ensure your complete comfort before beginning the process.

How to book your slot for a seamless experience?

We recommend you to pre-book for a fast and easy process. Log in to our website and register as a new patient. Enter all the details of the patient and the date on which the calcium score must be done. Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation call for your lot booking and a slot number. Save the slot number and use it for reception registration when you visit our clinic.

The online process offers you a flat 10% off on your first slot booking.