A couple who can understand the humanitarian needs

People often believe that their destinies are written somewhere else in sky and delivered to them by the messengers to them. This script is prevented from any type of correction and it is impossible for anyone to make the changes in it even the writer of those documents. This stays a major joke in the books of successful personalities as they believe that their life is written by themselves and not any other supremacy. MariyamDawood has been acting in various fields to encourage various charity activities.  The Dawood couple has an understanding about the needs of the needy.

humanitarianIt is our duty to learn from such personalities which may guide us towards a great success. Even if we are not capable of becoming one such personality we have the provision to hear from them and learn certain things from them. There are many such successful stories I can tell you including that of Mariyam Dawood. She started her career at a very small age and the bud showed clear representation of the future flowers in her story.

Medical research

The centre for innovation in medical education has been funded by Bashir Dawood along with his wife Mariyam Dawood. This couple ahs made this possible and now the future of medical research has a milestone. Themedicalprofessionals will have enough space to research and bring out new ideas to the medicalindustry. Because today people are suffering from varioushealthailments and it is the duty of the mankind to get into medical research as far as possible.