Benefits of having on-site storage containers

More and more companies are turning to on-site storage containers as a space saver and money saver. Whether it be for inventory, archive needs, or just some extra warehouse space, the benefits of having on-site storage containers at your company can save you time and money while keeping all your items safe and secure.

Safety: Storage containers offer an increase in safety because they keep items off of the ground and enclosed in a structure that is not easily accessible without authorization from your company. In fact, most standard insurance policies will allow you to add 10% to the value of any item that is kept within one of our storage containers.

Convenience: Having on-site storage bins offers convenience because all items are organized, organized, and within arm’s reach. This allows multiple employees to access the same item at the same time.

Value: Filling storage containers with inventory no longer mean that you are stuck with that inventory if it doesn’t sell. Sell your items in bulk by filling up the on-site storage container and then call us for a pickup, easy as that! And don’t forget about all of the money you will save from not having to pay for additional space or rent an extra warehouse… It can really add up quickly!

Versatility: Storage containers come in a variety of sizes whereby allowing them to fit almost anywhere. On top of this flexibility, they also allow for double stacking, which helps save even more room!

Time is money: If you only have a certain amount of time to shop for your business, pick up and deliver, or whatever else may be on your never-ending to-do list, then let us take care of the heavy lifting for you. On-site storage containers in Miami allow you to drop off all of your items at once and never worry about it again until we call.

Security: Our on-site storage warehouses are locked 24/7 with a keypad entry system. Only authorized personnel will have access to the gate code, which means that only those involved in the process have access to all items being stored with us.