How to Choose a Necklace to Wear

A necklace is a great accessory that renders a great finishing touch to any outfit. You have to be careful though to make sure that it won’t ruin the overall look of the outfit instead. One element that you have to look into when choosing a necklace is its length. When you do so, there are many body-related factors that have to be taken consideration such as the neck length, shape of the face and neck, and overall shape of the body.

For you to achieve the right look when using a necklace, it is crucial to match a necklace’s length with the type of neckline as well as the type of clothing. It’s important to measure the circumference of your neck when you plan to buy a necklace. This is particularly true when you intend to purchase a choker, which is relatively more fit than any other type of necklace. When you buy a choker add two inches to your neck size and for an average-length necklace with a pendant add four more inches to it.

butterfly necklaces

If your neck is wide and short, it’s better to take the emphasis off the neck and focus more on the collarbone and the bust area. Its impact will be enhanced with a lovely pendant or charm. That’s why butterfly necklaces are popular among women whether young or with age. A longer chain is great for those who have wrinkles and are not comfortable with how their necks look.

On the other hand, if you want to emphasize your long and graceful neck, it’s better for you to choose a shorter chain that measures from 14 to 18 inches.

A person’s height is also a factor when buying a necklace. It’s better to choose a 16 to 20-inmch necklace. People with average height can wear any necklace of any length.