Online Tools That Make Running Your Small Business Easy

  1. Organization charts

The organization charts describe the functions necessary for the daily work of the company, as well as the person responsible for this function. This tool determines the “who” of the company. Organization charts also provide responsibility for each area of ​​the business and define clear responsibilities.

Remember: the more a name appears in the organizational structure, the less productive and effective it will be!

Time Clock software

  1. Manuals / operating procedures

Operation manuals and procedures document the tasks that must be completed within a company. Use this tool to capture the “what” in your business. This will serve as a step-by-step guide for each task and will provide clear expectations of how your business will work with Time Clock Wizard. This documentation can also serve as a training tool for new employees, allowing them to rapidly increase the pace of work and reduce the time spent on training.

  1. Commercial systems

Given the complexity in most large companies, they always have systems that ensure the proper functioning of their operations and reduce the chaos that can occur with a large number of functions and employees. Small businesses can also take advantage of a systematic business.

  1. Audit of processes and systems.

An audit of its processes and systems asks the question “Are we doing what we say, are we going to do?” When you take the time to document the key tasks of your business, it makes sense to periodically check to see if these procedures are followed. If not, find out why.

  1. Key indicators and reports

Metrics are key data needed to make business decisions. As the old saying goes, “you can’t control what you don’t measure.”