Ultimate guide to ASSA rental

ASSA has over 15 years of logistical experience and today has three integrated management cornerstones: 1) rental car, 2) used vehicle sales, and 3) end-to-end transportation. ASSA focuses on innovation and creates its technology platform, beginning with the development of express courier firm Anteraja and continuing with other tech enterprises such as Share Car. Caroline and Catalog are two different web platforms being developed by ASSA. Caroline is a lot like JBA Baldwin. On the other hand, Caroline is more concerned with the general population, while JBA is more concerned with corporations. End-to-end operations may have become ASSA’s essential development motor in the coming years, as it is asked to add 45-50 percent of overall revenues within the next 1-2 years.

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How does it work?

Assa Rent conducts a supply chain with comprehensive economies of scale, beginning with first and middle-mile delivery (ASSA Logistic, which concentrates on household products delivery) and ending with last-mile express shipping via Anteraja, which has the most promising upside potential.

Aside from the industries stated above, ASSA has some other core businesses with highly promising potential that have been formed as part of an expansion of its digital environment, particularly regarding: Share Automobile will give ASSA’s car rental company a new lease on life. ASSA can now generate cash from the wider populace and no longer rely on corporate needs, thanks to an app that anybody may use.

Deborah and Catalog will find things simpler for ASSA to market their utilized vehicle rental units by using a technology-based method that will assist users in finding the best-used automobiles for them.